Garbhaka I: Flamma Abscondita

by Heliophagia Netlabel



Beltaine, Walpurgisnacht, Rusalia: the festivities of the Horned God and the Great Goddess are upon us! Our latest compilation, Garbhaka I, we dedicate to this day of celebration and to the hidden flame burning within us all.


released May 5, 2017

cover-art by el sol fúnebre


all rights reserved



Heliophagia Netlabel Saint Petersburg, Russia

Heliophagia is a Russian netlabel. Recently Heliophagia has been releasing thematical compilations, which are dated to the days of solstices and equinoxes.

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Track Name: Lana & The Tsalals - Призмы
Плетью ладоней
Ветвей купол
Просветов двери
Распяты в лучах

Призмы поднятых глаз
Росчерк грозы как ответ
Нас нет
Track Name: Futiliteit Orchestra - Sand
i am the grain that yields no bread
the sea that ships do not dare sail
the glass that casts no image forth
the bloodshot eye above your world

the shredded skin that gods of war
cast off as they took home in cracks
inside the bowels of the earth
beneath the covers of your bed


i am the juice of that red fruit
you nurtured with your useless toil
drink up, i say, and toast to those
who gave their lungs so I may fill

them to the brim with shrapnel shards
that dreams are made of; and incise
the boil that festers down below
in the convulsing cityscape


i am all angles and no sides;
a whispered threat without a voice,
caressing carcasses of stone
you raised in honor of your fear

of me, by me and in my name
for i am one whose name is Time
and also Sleep, and that shrill sound
pronounced like a piercing wind


i am the one that hears your prayers
and etches them on temple walls
who dampens sounds and stifles cries
and now I tell you: do not scream

for i will part and let you pass -
join in my mirth and as we laugh
our toothless smile will cut across
the land and drown out continents.
Track Name: Casa Ukrania - May Day
Johnny is a really good fellow
Tender and slim, though fairly shallow
Joy in his eyes and gold-shining glisten
Young Mary loves him because he can listen

But as she smiles her father is bothered
With keeping Johnny from getting any closer
He sais - since you and my daughter are that way
Be our king and queen on the may day

Johnny is glad, Johnny's thrilled to pieces
Mary won't find him on the date he never misses
Mary is desperate and calles him a liar
Her love burnes down with remains of bonfire

Poor Johnny's dying, turning to ashes
Trapped in the straw he silently flashes
Mary, my beatiful queen for the day,
What bad fortune takes you, my darling, away

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