Smarana III (winter crosspoint 2019)

by Heliophagia Netlabel

The little angel came to me when i was lying in the street extravagant anatomy and tiny steps of tiny feet He crawled inside my empty eyes and asked a question in a hiss: do you want to live like this? I had the answer stashed away but it got broken in a fight I lost it somewhere on the way no matter how hard I tried It simply wasn't there for me and all I managed was a groan: do you want to take me on? with you I'll be the man you've always wanted coil the rusty snakes inside the pain will make it better won't it? a splash of red in a sea of white Liquid's filling up the well Santa Muerte! What's that nasty smell? - Santa Muerte, Santa Muerte! Skinny lady I will feed you well Santa Muerte! Santa Muerte! Ghosts are rotting in the shell Santa Muerte! What a nasty smell! — Santa Muerte, Santa Muerte! Skinny lady I will feed you well Santa Santa Santa Muerte! The little angel stood aside his feathers brushed against the sun he said farewell, enjoy the ride your downward journey has begun a half of what you find is yours the other half will never stay can you give it all away? You cut your deals right to the bone — i laughed with all my newfound teeth the lady that you chaperone — i see the veil, but what's beneath? His seven tendrils did a dance and then he let his fear show: do you really want to know? With her you'll be the man she's always wanted oil the rusty scales inside the pain will make it better - won't it, huh? - damn right it will! - a splash of grey in a sea of white
Energy is delivered as an impedance compensated biphasic truncated exponential waveform Stop motion Stop interference Energy delivered does not change significantly with patient impedance, although the duration of the generated waveform will vary The unit analyzes the ECG signal and determines whether a shockable or non-shockable rhythm is present Artifacts may arise from a variety of sources, including: noise, patient motion, respiration, muscular contractions, and pacemakers Artifact that is caused by the patient or electrical noise may interfere with accurate rhythm analysis When this artifact is present, the AED will prompt to “Stop Motion” or “Stop Interference” While analyzing, the unit will continue to monitor signal and pad conditions and will reassess analysis and prompt the user Stop motion Stop interference


The Smarana III compilation is dedicated to Memorial Day 2019 and preparations for the coming wintering.


released November 7, 2019

Cover art by el sol fúnebre (


all rights reserved



Heliophagia Netlabel Saint Petersburg, Russia

Heliophagia is a Russian netlabel. Recently Heliophagia has been releasing thematical compilations, which are dated to the days of solstices and equinoxes.

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